One action, one sterile solution, one range,

Ready to start when you are

Dentsply Maillefer is an advocate of raising medical standards and therefore would like to introduce the first step to a new complete sterile stainless steel solution: READY STEEL. READY STEEL files are pre-sterilized and come with blister packs for single patient use, to bring you peace of mind during your endodontic procedures.

Reduced risk of file breakage

  • Endodontic files exhibit signs of wear during normal use, which increases dramatically with multiple use. Single use therefore reduces the risk of file breakage and thus increases patient safety.

Optimal cutting efficiency

  • Research has shown that using files for multiple cases reduces their cutting efficiency, and therefore leads to a poorer performance. Cutting efficiency is therefore achieved when a new instrument is used for each patient.

No risk of cross-contamination

  • Research shows that certain bacteria and tissue remnants may remain on the instrument, post-sterilization. Single patient use will therefore eliminate such risk.