The perfect complement to your practice. Monitor file progression reliably and simply with the Propex IQ Apex Locator.

Efficiency through Connectivity

  • The Propex IQ can be easily connected to the X-Smart IQ Handpiece, and both can be connected to the Endo IQ App. This allows you to simultaneously monitor file progression and shape the canal, while also visualizing file progression using the app.

Reliable and Easy to Use

  • Propex IQ guarantees reliable monitoring of file progression in both combined and standalone mode. It also works with various irrigation solutions. The device doesn’t require any calibration or adjustments, making it extremely user friendly.

Endurance that Lasts

  • It can run for up to 5.5 hours non-stop on a single charge.

Ultra Light and Portable

  • Small in size but big in performance. Weighing only 80 grams, it is smaller than the Propex Pixi and ultra portable.

Future Proof

  • The Propex IQ is equipped to be as up to date as possible for years to come. You can upgrade the device’s firmware via an update on the Endo IQ app.